Ed Sheeran and Divide Review

The third studio album by Ed Sheeran – DIVIDE – was released on Friday, March 3rd. As I live in Galway, I went to the midnight opening party hosted by OMG @ Zhivago to buy the album immediately after release. Firstly, my opinion: I love the album, I think the album explores different sounds and styles and I really like the two songs with traditional Irish themes, in particular, Galway girl, as I am a Galway Girl myself!

So I arrived at the shop and picked up the album and entered the queue for the cash desk. The shop had balloons and Ed’s music playing but there weren’t many people there when I was there. When I made my purchase I got a free Ed Sheeran poster, a balloon and a canvas bag that says Galway girl on it and got to put my name into a raffle for two tickets to his sold out April concert and tragically I lost to someone who I am now incredibly jealous of!

The album along with my free poster and bag!

I went home and put the album on the record player and I have to say, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I was disappointed that I hadn’t won tickets, excited about these new songs and then feeling absolutely devastated while listening to the song “Supermarket Flowers”.

This is a list of the songs from divide in order from best to last*:

  1. New man
  2. Supermarket Flowers
  3. Galway Girl
  4. Nancy Mulligan
  5. Eraser
  6. Bibia Be Ye Ye
  7. Barcelona
  8. What do I know?
  9. Dive
  10. Perfect
  11. How would you feel? (Paean)
  12. Hearts don’t break around here
  13. Happier
  14. Save Myself
  15. Castle on the hill
  16. Shape of you

*This is just my opinion and  I love all the songs, just because they are my least favourite on the album doesn’t mean I don’t like them!!

On March 2nd, Ed launched a competition in Galway for tickets to his concert AND a meet and greet, where you must go to the location of a big poster with a quote from his song “Galway Girl” and upload to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #dividelyricsIE and that is the most recent competition for these bloody tickets that I have entered!!

A picture of me purchasing the album at exactly 5 past midnight!

Ed Sheeran is an incredible artist who has a huge success that he worked hard for and he is my idol! He motivates and inspires me in my own music and I am continually entering competitions to win tickets to see him perform because I admire him hugely. If by some act of God I win any of these competitions I’ll let you know!

For now, thanks for reading,

Love Cora X



2 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran and Divide Review

    1. Personally, I don’t think it is his best but it is certainly very enjoyable – I notice I enjoy more of his earlier work than I do more recent stuff but I enjoy it all and that’s the main thing ! I hope your still enjoying it ! Sorry for the delay x


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