Why is it my fault, when it is this you have caused.

And why must you look at me, when you were the one to put this plan in motion.

Why do you ask me the root of my pain when in your heart you know it is you.

Why do you use the concept of fate as a get out of jail free card, when really what you said and what you did is what made you as a person. Stop acting. Stop pretending. You and you alone are responsible for what you have done and what you have caused. You are incapable of facing the effects of what you did, what you said, what you decided. You were not a a drop in the ocean, you were a storm that left devastation in its wake, and you were not sunshine, you were a blistering fire. You scorched the earth you walked on and you drowned all those who loved.

So no, it was not destiny and no, I do not forgive you, for it is you I blame and you alone.


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