but not the kind that feels like knots in your stomach, but the kind that makes you feel butterflies . Not the kind that makes you scared but the kind that lets adrenaline flow through your veins. Making you shake with anticipation and not letting that goofy smile leave your lips no matter how hard you try.

You make me nervous, but I like it.

I enjoy your presence, the smell of your aftershave, the unspoken tension that makes our hands feel as though there is an electric current passing through when they touch. Even the thought of you makes me nervous. You have this power over me as though I am under a spell. I have this inexplicable feeling of comfort with you. You make me feel safe yet alive simultaneously. Your gaze sends ripples through my blood but your arms are the safest place I can imagine. You are everything and nothing all at once, you are the stars and the sun, you are night and day, you are safety and danger, you’re cool yet so warm, you make me nervous.

But that’s how I like it, so don’t stop making me nervous because the second you do, we cease to be us and everything we know will come crashing down. So I pray the butterflies never fly away and the adrenaline continues to flow and we keep smiling and laughing and I hope that the electricity never gets cut off. Because this is how I like it.


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